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Coleman 2960-601 Mosquito Deleto Octenol Refill

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Enjoy spending time in your backyard without the annoyance of mosquitoes. How the Mosquito Deleto System works: Mosquitoes have highly developed senses for detecting humans and animals. Mosquitoes are attracted to three things: Carbon Dioxide from breath, Body Heat, Faint odors emitted by animals and humans. The Mosquito Deleto Trap lures mosquitoes by emitting carbon dioxide, heat, and a special mosquito attractant called Octenol. Mosquitoes are attracted to the Mosquito Deleto Trap, land on the adhesive trap cartridge, dehydrate and die. The Mosquito Deleto System is desinged to operate around the clock. The trap continuously attracts, traps, and kills mosquitoes all day and all night. The Mosquito Deleto Inhibitor is used to push mosquitoes away from you.Designed for occasional use, the Mosquito Deleto Inhibitor gently distributes a scent that blocks the mosquitoes’ sensors and keeps them from finding you.For use with all Coleman Mosquito Deleto devices
Contains octenol for attracting mosquitoes
Patented cartridge design provides consistent release of Octenol during use
Includes one month supply

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